Kinsmen Club of Sackville NS

    Upcoming Events

    Kinsmen Community Bowl september 22, 2018


    kinsmen hockey pool 2018


    *****Entry cut-off date for this pool is Oct 3 2018 19:00 EDT.

    Pick sheet offline

    Enter online

    Send us a request to enter online and we'll send you the invite link.

    Sackville kinsmen Halloween costume party/dance oct27


    contact us below for tickets

    Kinsmen Thursday Night Bingo

    Never been to Kinsmen Thursday Night Bingo?

    Join us for the fun and excitement of Thursday night bingo.

    Mini Bingo starts at 650 pm

    Main Bingo starts at  755 pm To all our Kinsmen Thursday Night Bingo patrons; thank you for your support!

    Remember, the last Thursday of each month is Kinsmen Bingo player appreciation night. All regular games are increased.

    For more info email us at  or visit our bingo page on this site


    Kinsmen TV Bingo - Every Thursday

    Get in on the excitement of HRM Kin TV Bingo!

    TV Bingo every Thursday 600 pm on Eastlink TV. Channel 10

    Check out our Bingo page to find a retailer near you.