kinsmen park - for everyone to enjoy!


1. Kinsmen Park West Common

2. Kinsmen Park Beach

3. Kinsmen Park Splash Pad

4. Kinsmen Park Main Play Center

5. Kinsmen Community Centre

6. Kinsmen Park East Common

7. Kinsmen Park Gazebo


Kinsmen (Murdock MacKay Memorial) Park, located at 71 First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville includes a playground area (for children up to 12 years of age), a gazebo by the lake (an outstanding backdrop for weddings and special family photos), picnic areas, walking trails, splash pad and a beautiful beach that provides an oasis during the warm days of summer.

Special Events

The Park plays host to many events and celebrations throughout the year including a free Movie Night in the Park, Patriot Days / Canada Day activities, fireworks, live music concerts and much more. 


Kinsmen Park Beach

Layout on the beach or go for a refreshiong dip in picturesque first Lake.


Kinsmen Park Splash Pad Waterpark

The splash pad waterpark is open from June til September every summer.

While many splash pads are designed to appeal to young children, The Kinsmen Park splash pad was based a more recent trend to design similar spaces that include more sophisticated aquatic play features that appeal to adults/families as well.

Splash pads have features such as fine mist that are specifically designed for children.

A splash pad is a zero-depth aquatic solution that takes its cue from nature by combining the sensations of different water movements – flowing, misting, jetting  for uncompromising design and unequalled play adventure.

 The Kinsmen Park splash pad is built with premium materials, attention to quality and expectation of operational ease. Our splash pad provides entertainment for the entire family.

 The design of the Kinsmen Park splash pad has been comprehensively engineered to be special needs accessible and will be user friendly for the Kinsmen sponsored daycare located in the Kinsmen Community Centre. This daycare has special needs students.


Walking Trails

Take a relaxing stroll on one of the many trails that meander through the park and around the lake.

Play Center

There is an interactive plaground area with fun activity centers.


Swings for toddlers and children up to age 12.

Learning to care for the waterfowl...

One of the unique challenges for all visitors to the Park is protecting the waterfowl. 

Ironically, we must be careful not to literally "kill them with kindness". Visitors to the park that feed the waterfowl foodstuffs such as bread, snack foods and corn can have an unintentionally detrimental effect on the well being of the waterfowl. In most cases visitors are unaware of the harm they may be causing.

In an attempt to protect the safety and well being of the waterfowl, HRM has introduced a program to protect them. This program includes information and education along with the introduction of rules prohibiting the feeding of these birds.

Substantial fines may be levied against those who continue to feed the waterfowl. Please help us to protect our wildlife in part by refraining from feeding them.



There are park benches and picnic tables situated so that you can enjoy the sun or shade, read a book or just relax and enjoy the day.

The Kinsmen Club of Sackville and HRM would like to thank our many park visitors for taking the time to use the many litter receptacles. It is your efforts in helping us to "put litter in it's place" that helps to keep the park clean and safe for everyone.

Never been to Kinsmen Park...

Stop by and take a stroll along the beach and treat yourself to an afternoon of fresh air and fun for the whole family.

Follow the link below for an excellent overview of the park.