Sackville Kinsmen Bingo


Update for June 29 Hall Bingo


Sackville Kinsmen Hall Bingo Update  - Thursday June 29, 2023


Jack-it-up Hot Balls Jackpot  - $700

Cookie Jar - $0+ 

Regular Jackpot Game - $1000 

Bonanza - $3000 in 52 #'s 




TV Bingo

TV Bingo is back again on, 6 pm Eastlink Channel 10

For more information contact Denise Hirtle at 


Metro Kin TV Bingo
Thursdays 6pm
Eastlink TV

Join in the fun of Metro Kin TV Bingo

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In Beaver Bank, Bedford, Fall River, Hammonds Plains, Sackville and Waverley pick up your TV Bingo cards from one of the following community minded retailers:

Sobeys ( Mill Cove, Bedford)
Chebucto Athletics (Bedford Place Mall)
Cobequid Convenience ( 99 Cobequid Road.)
Disco Deli (575 Sackville Drive)
Blazers Lotto Booth (Sackville Superstore)
Sobeys (720 Sackville Dr.)
Jasons Video (Downsview 73 Sackville Drive)
Villa Plaza Kwik Way Convenience Store (799 Sackville Drive)
Needs Convenience (1005 Sackville Drive)
Millwood Convenience (1053 Sackville Drive.)
Cook's Rite Stop (Middle Sackville )
Lucky Convenience (2025 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville)
Eddy's Variety (Mount Uniacke)
Beaverbank Pharmacy (309 Beaver Bank Road)
Chan's Convenience (357 Beaverbank Road)
Jasons Video (1258 Riverside Drive)
NEEDS Convenience (First Lake Drive)
Sobey's (First Lake Drive)
Sobey's ( Fall River)

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Never played bingo - It's fun

How To Play Bingo

This is a game of chance in which randomly selected numbers match on a scorecard with 5 squares across, down or diagonal. Five in a row wins!

Game Play

Bingo cards have the following specifications:

The letters B, I, N, G, O are printed above the five vertical columns, with one letter appearing above each column.
The center space is marked "Free."
Each row must be randomly assigned 5 numbers with these specifications: 1 to 15 in the "B" column; 16 to 30 in the "I" column; 31 to 45 in the "N" column; 46 to 60 in the "G" column and 61 to 75 in the "O" column

Once the cards are purchased, a nonparticipating person (caller) calls out random numbers between 1 and 75. There is a hopper (container) of numbered balls from which the caller draws one ball at a time. Numbers and letters are called (example: B12, G51, N33) and marked off on players' corresponding scorecards.


Be the first player to make a BINGO of five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) – if you do, you win cash. Some special games may require more than one line to win.

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