Life Membership - Our Association’s highest honour.

For Kinsmen whose careers have truly been exemplary, having served our Association for 10 years or more at many levels during their years as a member. Whether as Club Director; Club CF Chair; Hall Chair; Secretary; President; Past President; Deputy Governor or Governor. Whenever there is a job to be done, these Kinsmen are always the first to volunteer. Without a doubt,

The Kinsmen Club of Sackville is proud to present it's Life Members:

(A) denotes Active (D) denotes deceased

Life Memberships

Gerry Archibald (A)

Hugh Barrett

Dennis Baxter 

Ken Beasley

Wade Dooley (A)

Ab Frizzle


John Harrison (A)

Ron Heffler

Royce Hefler (D)

Murdock MacKay (D)

Gerard MacKenzie (A)


Tom McCormack (A)

Leo Melanson (A)

Fabian O'Neil (A)

John Payzant (D)

Angus Ross (D)

Graham 'Sully' Sullivan (D)

Bob Taylor


Douglas Turner

Hugh Yorke (A)