Tabs for Wheelchairs

The Sackville Kinsmen Tabs for Wheelchairs project facilitates pick-ups of pop tabs collected by a group of loyal collectors and the tabs are taken to recyclers. These funds are used to purchase parts to refurbish wheelchairs.

The Sackville Kinsmen has expanded the recyclable donations to include refundable beverage containers, bulk metals as well as printer cartridges. As the project has evolved so has its scope.

As the revenue has increased, the number of people that could be helped has also increased. 

The program’s marketing was intensified so more people could be reached and informed about the wonderful nature of the program. The increased marketing effort also led to an increase in the volume of equipment donated. This allowed the Kinsmen to clean, inspect, refurbish and inventory items which vastly improved response times.

The Kinsmen met with recyclers and set up a program where people could drop off recycling items (refundable beverage containers and metals) and donate the proceeds to the Tabs program right at the recycler’s place of business. The funds would be forwarded to the Kinsmen to use for the project.

The Sackville Kinsmen have networked into new funding relationships with corporate friends of the Tabs for Wheelchairs project.

The Sackville Kinsmen continue to evolve the Tabs for Wheelchairs program wherever possible in an effort to maximize the project’s impact in "Serving the Community's Greatest Need".

Tabs Collection Program


The Kinsmen Club of Sackville is proud to present the Tabs for Wheelchairs Student Tabs Collection Program. This unique and fun challenge encourages students to work as class teams in the collection of aluminum beverage can tabs. There is a pizza party for the class that collects the most tabs.

The funds raised through the Tabs for Wheelchairs recycling programs support the purchase and refurbishment of walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and many different types of medical equipment and supplies.

We hope you get your group involved.

Registration and program support materials are available on our website contest page at Simply click on the links to check them out.

Have questions? Contact Alan MacKinnon at


Businesses and community groups

The Sackville Kinsmen would like to thank our many tabs collectors for their continued donations of Beverage container tabs. The collective funds from these donations supports purchases of medical equipment for those in need as well as parts to refurbish items donated to the program.

Thanks to John Forrest (below) and the staff of After Warranty Automotive for their continued support in donating several containers of pop tabs in support of the program.

For more information on how you, your business or or community group can join the Sackville Kinsmen Tabs for Wheelchairs Tabs collection team, contact us at


equipment donations

Tabs for Wheelchairs

Your donations continue to make a difference in peoples lives!

Sackville Kinsmen Vice President and Tabs for Wheelchairs committee member Pat Bowers displays a wheelchair that was recently donated to the Tabs for Wheelchairs program.

If you know someone who is in need of a wheelchair or if you know someone who would like to donate a functional item of medical equipment please contact the Sackville Kinsmen ‘Tabs for Wheelchairs’ committee at

Placing your refundable containers at the curb? Why not drop them off at your local ERA recycling depot and donate a loonie or toonie of the refund to the Kinsmen Tabs for Wheelchairs Program account at your local Eastern Recyclers Association enviro depot. Collectively these donations make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Those proceeds help to purchase wheelchairs or parts to refurbish donated items so that they can be donated back to those in need.
It’s a great opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Kinsmen Club of Sackville
‘Serving the Community’s Greatest Need’ in Beaver Bank, Bedford, Fall River, Hammonds Plains, Sackville and Waverley since 1961.

Cash donations or donations 'in kind'

Representatives from Scotiabank meet Kinsmen and representatives from Eastern Recyclers to receive posters for the Tabs For Wheelchairs program. As proud supporters of the program, Scotiabank staff encourages their clientele to bring in their pop can tabs and donate them to raise funds for purchasing wheelchairs and other necessary medical equipment. Scotiabank also  presented a cheque for $5,000 to support this wonderful program.

Other businesses donate services and products to support the marketing and operations of the Sackville Kinsmen Tabs For Wheelchairs program.

To find out more information, including what other items can be donated, please email the Kinsmen at 

Sackville kinsmen Tabs For Wheelchairs - Assisting those in need.

In addition to wheelchairs, the Tabs For Wheelchairs program assists those in need with many different medical equipment needs.

Donations of walkers and other functional items for the Sackville Kinsmen Tabs for Wheelchairs Program are received daily. These gently loved items are cleaned, inspected and reconditioned before being sent out to recipients in need.

As fast as these items are processed they are donated back out into the community.

The Sackville Kinsmen Tabs for Wheelchairs Program always welcomes donations of medical equipment and supplies. To make a donation to this very worthwhile program, please contact us at